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ALLWIN KONICA Solvent Printer with high speed

Product Details:
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Min. Order Quantity:
1 Piece/Pieces
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USD 5000.00-10000.00 /Piece
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Production Capacity:
100 Piece/Pieces
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in 7 days after payment
Wooden package dimension 4770MM*1000MM*1560MM GW 800KG

Detailed Product Description

konica 512 printer :

C12- Konica 512/42PL, 12 heads/ Konica 512/35PL 12heads

Shanghai Allwin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional solvent inkjet printer and digital inkjet printer manufacturer in China. XAAR series digital inkjet printers and KONICA series solvent inkjet printers are our main products. Key fact of high quality making digital inkjet printer is that we have mature experience in making digital printers and train our staff with advanced technology of making and using outdoor digital inkjet printer and UV machine.

Improved function deployment
1.Patent technology to ensure 100% achievement in large printings combination;
2.The whole printer takes eco solvent printer's mechanical precision and technology

as production standard;
3.Printhead heating system, suitable for low temperature working environment in winter;
4.Intelligent infrared heating system to speed up picture drying (optional).


C8/C12 hardware functions and deployments
1.Advanced servo motor for feeding&collecting system; 
2.Three feeding modes for different operation conditions:
inserted type, deposited feeding type with two rollers, deposited feeding
type by dragging media with three rollers;
3.Integral machine body with higher accuracy of feeding and collecting;
4.Unique printhead protection stack;
5.Secondary ink tank and ink circuit heating system; 
6.Three-stage adjustable temperature heating for media;
7.Reserved suction outlet for automatic printhead cleaning;
8.LED lights the printing bed for better observing printing quality and color bar;
9.C8/C12:80 m2/h, 120 m2/h.

Note: automatic collecting system & infrared heating and fan drying system 
      can achieve unattended printing. (Optional for C8) 


512-C12 .jpg 



Specification of ALLWIN KONICA C12- konica512/42PL:
Product types: K3212D

Printing technology: Piezo printing
Print head quantity/type: 12, KONICA512/42PL

Media transmission: Roll to roll
Printing port: USB
Max printing width: 3200mm
Printing resolution ratio:360dpi / 720dpi/1080dpi / 1440dpi
RIP software: PHOTOPRINT,MAINTOP,ULTRAPRINT(rip and print simultaneously or print after rip)
Heating system: Pre-heater, front-heater, and bed-heater.
Cleaning system: Air pressure and suction cleaning
Frame Structure of Konica series Solvent Inkjet Printer: Steady girder is used on the machine body, which is made of aluminum and steel on the girder.
Colors : C, M, Y, K orC, M, Y, K, LC, Lm solvent ink
Main power: 220V AC
System : 220V±10%, <4A, 50/60HZ
Heating : 220±10%, <16A, 50/60HZ
Operation environment : Temperature :20~30, Humidity:40%~70%RH
Media type: Banner, adhesive vinyl, PVC self-adhesive, backlit film, flex media within 5mm thickness.
Dimension : (W×H×L) 750×1278×3020mm
Net weight /Gross weight: 700kg/800kg 


Secondary ink tank with ink circuit heating system

During winter in low temperature, machine also can work as usual with secondary
ink tank heater and printing bed heater on, so as to save your
electricity cost without turning on the air conditioner in large workspace.


 Three heating sections


LED lights

Led lights the printing bed for better observing printing quality and color bar.

Infrared heating system

1. It could set 1.8m, 2.5m and 3.2m heating width freely;
2. Adjustable heating temperature for media surface from 35 to 80°C;
3. Adjustable drying fan power level;
4. Print in 120m2/h, the image will dry simultaneously;
5. External infrared heating system to replace the platform heating system;
6.Through infrared heating, it will get stronger colour adhesion to get longer weather resistance.
7.Heater automatically stops when printing pauses, heater automatically works when printing starts.



Which printer can easily achieve 120M high quality printing after loading a roll of 120M media? Inserted
feeding mode and professional collecting system(optional), ALLWIN C8 and C12 machines can make it.


-Deposited feeding type: this is standard feeding type for Chinese printers at present.
* It is convenient for loading and unloading the media, which is also suitable for frequent media

replacement even in small workplace.
* During the printing, it needs the operators to go backwards of the machine to check whether

the media is moving left or right or crinkles and then adjust it to be normal, or else the media
   will go deviation and the printing length will be different in long picture combination.



Resolution Print mode Speed(m2/h) Media type
180×720 2 pass 120 Banner
240×720 2 pass 90 Banner, PVC
180×1080 3 pass 80 Banner,PVC
240×1080 3 pass 60 Banner
240×1080 4 pass 45 Banner, PVC





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