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allwin UV printer roll to roll wide format inkjet printer 3.20M with printhead Konica 1024

Product Details:
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Min. Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
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FOB Price:
USD 5000.00-10000.00 /Set
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Production Capacity:
300 Set/Sets per Month
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in 7 days after payment
4550MM*950MM*1550MM,Wooden packing

Detailed Product Description

allwin UV printer :

 roll to roll digital printer

 foto de YK1024-YK1024UV.jpg

1.Suitable for printing high resolution backlit banner, decoration material and other

   coiled materials; 
2.LED UV cold light source technology, you can print on material which will be easily
    deformed when printed by the thermal light source of mercury vapor lamp;
3.LED ink has super extension ability (200%) , which can avoid picture cracks

   resulted from material buckling.;
4.Six color printing, more brilliant color;
5.Better weather resistance than solvent printing (3 years outdoor resistance);
6.Eco ink and free of odor , meet with international standards;
7.LED cold light source, low energy consumption;
8.Lower cost (LED lamp lifespan can reach 20000 hours).


6 color  printing in high resolutionMore brilliant color:

For rich color level transition, six-color printing quality is obviously better. The difference

after comparison can be easily distinguished by both the professionals and amateurs.

Our printer which is made with high mechanical precision standard and works together with
special 6 color ink and software can stand out from all other printers


Overall improvement of printing quality 
Top technology, new innovation--- Konica Minolta KM1024 printhead


1. KM1024 printheads has 1024 nozzles which equal to two  KM512 printheads and


eight 128 printheads,  higher printing speed with less printheads;
2.With less printheads, physical position can be easily and accurately calibrated, 


which can avoid the deviation in physical calibration compared with more printheads,


then the printing quality can be entirely enhanced;
3.KM1024 printhead can improve the printing quality obviously when prints on back-lit


banner, pvc vinyl and some special colors, which can meet the requirement of high-end clients.





The whole printer is elaborately manufactured according to the mechanical precision
     standard of eco solvent printer.






The precision levels above are five times higher than normal standards in this industry; so effectively
improved the printing quality of the picture.


Secondary ink tank with ink circuit heating system

During winter in low temperature, machine also can work as usual with secondary
ink tank heater and printing bed heater on, so as to save your
electricity cost without turning on the air conditioner in large workspace.


 Three heating sections


LED lights

Led lights the printing bed for better observing printing quality and color bar.

Infrared heating system


1. It could set 1.8m, 2.5m and 3.2m heating width freely;

2. Adjustable heating temperature for media surface from 35 to 80°C;

3. Adjustable drying fan power level;

4. Print in 120m2/h, the image will dry simultaneously;

5. External infrared heating system to replace the platform heating system;

6.Through infrared heating, it will get stronger colour adhesion to get longer weather resistance.

7.Heater automatically stops when printing pauses, heater automatically works when printing starts.


Note: this system works with inserted feeding and automatic collecting system, it can achieve unattended printing.



Exclusive self-innovated length correction system in China can easily achieve
    large printings accurate combination



Printer Model YE3206UV
Printhead KM1024/14PL(42PL)
Printheads quantity/
printheads align
6 pieces/staggered align
Ink Type Ink solvent,UV Ink
Color of ink C.M.Y.K.Lc.Lm
printing mode/
2pass:  44m²/h      720×720dpi       
4pass:  40m²/h      360×720dpi       
4pass:  22m²/h      720×720dpi     
6pass:  26m²/h     360×1080dpi     
8pass:  20m²/h     360×1440dpi     
Maximum printing width 320cm
Ink cassette capacity 5000cc/color
Three heating sections pre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater (solvent printer only)
 Picture drying system   Standard configuration: Infrared heating with fan drying system
Auto feeding/
collecting system
Standard configuration automatic,roll to roll
Working environment/
temperature:15-35 c   relative Humidity:40%-65%     
50Hz, 220V(±10%)>20A






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